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    No.6231. Parker 61 Capillary in Teal Blue, Rolled Gold Cap, Medium Nib, Mint and Boxed.

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    • Make: Parker
    • Model: 61 Capillary
    • Origin: UK
    • Dates from (approx): 1962
    • Cap Finish: 12ct Rolled Gold. 
    • Barrel Finish: Teal Blue
    • Overall Length: 132mm
    • Filling Type: Capillary Filler
    • Nib: 14ct gold, Medium
    • Inscription:  None


    The Parker 61 was introduced in the early sixties and utilised a revolutionary new capillary filling system. It relied on two thin sheets of plastic which were rolled up together. The pen filled by dipping the pen in a bottle of ink. Ink was drawn up between the sheets of plastic by capillary action.

    The pen was later fitted with an aerometric filling system but, when used carefully, the capillary system works well and is very reliable.

    This particular pen is finished in Teal Blue with a 12ct rolled Gold cap. It is fitted with a superb Medium Nib and it writes beautifully.

    The pen is in excellent condition with only minor marks commensurate with age.

    Condition:  Grade A


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